The SCOUT 2 UNIT is a powerful GPS/GSM locator designed for tracking assets. The unique ability of the SCOUT 2 UNIT to charge in a cigarette charger ensures that the device is perfect for long distance travelling. Install the device by simply plugging it into your cigarette charger. Its built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows for motion detection, crash alerts and an optional power-saving mode triggered by motion. The SCOUT 2 UNIT is CE certified.

The perfect device for:

  • Delivery Trucks

  • Cars

  • Logistics Companies

Our software has many advantages. Some of them include:

Notifications concerning company protocols such as overspeeding and driving after hours straight to your portal.These can be filtered to our operations center for quick response.
Downloadable reports for records such as speed and incidents.
Our online mapping facilities are especially useful for our corporate clients who wish to keep tabs on their assets.
Quality help from Truck Assist technicians should you have any problems with the software or devices.
Due to the device’s ability to draw power from your vehicle you can ensure that the device stays on 24/7.





Digital Inputs Two digital inputs
One positive trigger for ignition detection
One negative trigger input for normal use
Digital Output One digital output, open drain, 150 mAh max current drain
Latched Digital Outputs One digital output with internal latch circuit, open drain, 150 mAh max current drain
GSM Antenna Internal only
GPS Antenna Internal only
Indicator LED Indicates GPS, GSM and battery status
Mini USB Port  Mini USB port for charging, upgrading and debugging

Air interface Protocol

Air Interface Protocol

Transmit Protocol TCP, UDP, SMS
Battery Monitoring Report on battery life of device
Scheduled Report Reports the position in a scheduled time frame and/or distance and/or mileage
Geo-fence Supports up to 20 internal geo-fences
Tow Alarm Sends an alarm report when asset moves while the ignition is off
Speed Alarm Adjustable speed monitor using the 3-axis accelerometery
Driving Behaviour Monitor Aggressive driving detection such as harsh braking
Crash Detection  Usable accident data for analysis of crash
Special Alarm  Special alarm based on digital inputs
Remote Control  OTA control of device outputs

General Specifications

General Specifications

Dimensions 63mm x 50mm x 21.8mm
Weight 50 grams
Backup Battery Li- Polymer 250 mAh
Battery Life Without reporting: 60 hours
5 minutes reporting: 27 hours
10 minutes reporting: 32 hours
Operating Voltage 8V to 16V DC
Operating Temperature -30ºC to 80ºC
-40ºC to 80ºC for storage